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The Chiltern Breakfast Golf League was formed in 2002 for golf clubs in the Chiltern Hills area of natural beauty. Founder Clubs were Chartridge Park, Hazlemere, Oakland Park, Princes Risborough and Stocks Golf Clubs.

In 2003 Richings Park joined to bring the complement of Clubs to 6. Further expansion took place for the 2004 season with Aldwickbury Park, Bushey Hall and Waterstock Golf Clubs joining.

In 2005 we welcomed Mill Green to the fold. Rye Hill were accepted for the 2006 season.

In 2007 Wycombe Heights and Weston Turville joined the league bringing the total clubs to 12.

In 2010 Chesfield Downs joined the league replacing one of the founder clubs, Hazlemere, who decided to leave the league. They have since re-joined, replacing Rye Hill who decided to resign from the League in 2011.

In 2017 we welcomed Shendish Manor, Aylesbury Park, Aylesbury Vale into the League and Stocks re-joined.

Three Locks were accepted into the League for the 2018 season.

Chartridge Park were the winners in the inaugural year, with Richings Park winning in 2003. Chartridge Park won again in 2004. The winners in the 2005 season were Aldwickbury Park. In 2006 the trophy was shared by Waterstock and Richings Park with Wycombe Heights winning in 2007. 2008 saw Richings Park win once again with Aldwickbury Park being successful in 2009.  They continued their good run, winning again in 2010 and yet again in 2013. Waterstock were the winners in 2012. They continued their successful run by winning three times in a row in 2014, 2015 and again in 2016. In 2017 Hazlemere were the winners for the first time. 2018 brought new winners in Three Locks in their first season in the league. The 2019 winners were Wycombe Heights for a second time.

Each winter, a one day competition is held amongst all participating Clubs. In 2002 the winners were Hazlemere, in 2003 Richings Park (completing the 'double'), in 2004 Waterstock were the victors, Hazlemere again securing the victory in 2005. In 2006 the Challenge Cup was won by Mill Green with Richings Park being successful in 2007. Aldwickbury Park were successful in 2008 with Weston Turville winning in 2009.  The honours have been shared around since then, with Wycombe Heights winning in 2011, Hazlemere winning in 2012, Waterstock winning in 2013 and Richings Park in 2014. Waterstock were again the winners in 2015. In 2016 the winners were Aldwickbury Park. In 2017 the winners were Chesfield Downs and in 2018 Aldwickbury Park won again. Oakland Park won in 2019 for the first time

A Winter Knock Out is also held each year with all the teams being drawn into a straight knock out.   

The League Secretary is Geoff Aitken. If you need to contact him, click his name.

League Chairman

Each year the league Committee is chaired by a representative of a member Club. A rotation system is in place for this honour. That Club then arranges the end of season Challenge Cup.



Chairmen of the League

2019 - Geoff Aitken - Waterstock

2018 -  Keith Hayton - Richings Park

2017 – Barry Woledge – Princes Risborough

2016 – David Forrest – Hazlemere

2015 – Tony Dowsett – Chartridge Park

2014 - Roger Newman - Oakland Park

2013 - Dave Ranson - Weston Turville

2012 - Martin Kemp - Chesfield Downs

2011 - Gary Morris - Wycombe Heights

2010 - Steve Davis - Mill Green

2009 - Ray Lloyd - Bushey Hall

2008 - Ian Waltham - Aldwickbury Park

2007 - Geoff Aitken - Waterstock

2006 - Roger Harvey - Richings Park

2005 - Mike Jefferson - Princes Risborough

2004 - Mike Styrka - Hazlemere

2003 - Peter Atwell - Oakland Park

2002 - Steve Baker - Chartridge Park

 Challenge Cup - Venues and Winners 

  Venue Winner
2002 Chartridge Park Hazlemere
2003 Oakland Park Richings Park
2004 Hazlemere Waterstock
2005 Princes Risborough Hazlemere
2006 Richings Park Mill Green
2007 Waterstock Richings Park
2008 Aldwickbury Park Aldwickbury Park
2009 Bushey Hall Weston Turville
2010 Mill Green Mill Green
2011 Wycombe Heights Wycombe Heights
2012 Chesfield Downs Hazlemere
2013 Weston Turville Waterstock
2014 Oakland Park Richings Park
2015 Chartridge Park Waterstock
2016 Hazlemere Aldwickbury Park
2017 Princes Risborough Chesfield Downs
2018 Richings Park Aldwickbury Park
2019 Waterstock Oakland Park